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Annex 83

The Scope of the Annex is developing an in-depth definition of Positive Energy Districts (PED) and the technologies, planning tools and planning and the decision-making process related to positive energy districts. Practical experience and data to be used in the Annex will be gained from demonstration cases.The proposed Annex aims to enhance the cooperation on PED development to an international level through the collaboration initiatives of the IEA. The main objectives and scope are defined by the following: Objective 1. Map the relevant city, industry, research, and governmental (local, regional, national) stakeholders and their needs and roles to inform the work for Objectives 2, 3, 4 and 5. The main purpose is to ensure the involvement of the main stakeholders in the development of relevant definitions and recommendations. Objective 2. Create a shared in-depth framework of definition for PED by means of multistakeholder governance model. So far international activities have developed generalized definitions that leave many questions open. Objective 3. Develop the needed information and guidance for implementing the necessary technical solutions (on building, district and infrastructure levels) that can be replicated and gradually scaled up to the city level, giving emphasis to the interaction of flexible assets at the district level and also economic and social issues such as acceptability. Objective 4. Explore novel technical and service opportunities related to monitoring solutions, big data, data management, smart control and digitalisation technologies as enablers of PEDs. Objective 5. Develop the needed information and guidance for the planning and implementation of PED’s including both technical planning and urban planning. This includes economic, social and environmental impact assessment for various alternative development paths.


  • 13 - Maßnahmen zum Klimaschutz
  • 7 - Bezahlbare und saubere Energie
  • 11 - Nachhaltige Städte und Gemeinden
  • Fakultät 3 - Bauingenieurwesen

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