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CIrcular SUstainable FLOor coverings (CISUFLO)

The flooring industry faces several challenges in its transition towards circularity: complex value chain, lack of knowledge exchange along the entire value chain, different national legislation and habits, numerous product types with various raw materials and additives, lifetime varying from a couple of days in the case of event carpets to up to 20 years for comercial flooring. The European Floor Coverings Association (EuFCA) and other participants in the industry – from research institutes, recycling companies and public authorities – have teamed up to create a framework for circular floor coverings to minimise the sector’s environmental impact. Under the EU-funded CISUFLO project, circular solutions will be found. The project includes six pilots focusing on manufacturing, sorting, separating, and recycling laminates, resilient floor coverings and carpets.


  • 9 - Industrie, Innovation und Infrastruktur
  • 12 - Nachhaltiger Konsum und Produktion
  • 11 - Nachhaltige Städte und Gemeinden
  • Fakultät 4 - Maschinenwesen
  • Fakultät 7 - Philosophische Fakultät

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